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Domo Birthday Cake

My coworker is a big fan of Domo, so I tried to make her the perfect cake for her birthday 🙂

Outside – Dark Chocolate Ganache, White Chocolate Ganache and Red Coloring from Boiled Beets Water
Cake – Yellow Sponge Cake
Filling – Whipped Cream and Strawberry Fruit Spread

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Animal Body World

Took advantage of the Animal Body World exhibit this weekend to do some studies

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Acrocanthosaurus Sculpt

Finished this sculpt while following the tutorial by David Krentz from ZBrushworkshop

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My first 3d print!

To make our wedding cake more unique, I have created this model based off our Chinese zodiac animals – Dragon and Mouse on top of a pile of our treasures. I sent to print in polyamide by i.materialise.
Here is a photo of the caketopper –
Photo of Caketopper
Photo of Caketopper

Renders of the 3d model
Caketopper Model Render
Caketopper Model Render

And of course, it’s not a good caketopper if it’s not on top of a delicious cake~!
Wedding Cake

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Ching Dynasty Empress

It’s been a long while since I last used pastel, it’s getting really rusty!
Maybe I can get back to that again soon….


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Animal Sketches and Studies

Drawing from photos may not be the best way to learn animals anatomy, but I just gotten the book The Weatherly Guide to Drawing Animals, and gave me the itch to do some quick sketches of animals.


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Dinosaurs Sketches

Did some sketches on Dinosaurs late last year –

And also a concept for the Kraken –

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Paris Trip 2011

Spent a few days at Paris 2 weeks ago and done a few drawings at the Louvre and Musee d’Orsay
Victory de Samothrace has always been my fine art holy grail, it was sooo exciting and touching to see it in person!

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Edible Art for X’mas 2010

Because I’ve a sweet tooth, yet I can only eat so much of it, I become really picky on sweets. Especially when I’m making  them, other than taste wonderful, they also need to look pretty like an art piece.
I make Chocolate Truffles as X’mas gifts for friends and family each year and also, here is the first Yule Log cake I’ve made~!

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Wedding cake

A type of art that I do occasionally and edible is baking and decorating cakes.
But this is the first time I did a wedding cake, requested by one of my very good friend!

A chocolate rum cake, dark and white grand mariner chocolate mousse fillings, decorated with whipped cream.
Going along with the movie theme that the couple has used for their wedding, I’ve created the red carpet for them.
I was so relieved when the cake did not melt and collapse after on display for 3 hours!

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Figurative Sculpture WIP 07.26.2010

My first finished sculpture 🙂 ~ 15 hours total

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Figurative Sculpture WIP 07.19.2010

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Figurative Sculpture WIP


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In between 3d renderings

Soft Pastel based off a photo of Thandie Newton as Dame Vaako in ‘The Chronicles of Riddick’



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Life Drawing Portraits – 04.22.2010


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Life Drawing Portrait Class


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First Figurative Scuplture

I always have this believe that it is very difficult to use clay and it has very delicate techniques required to even start sculpting anything, because I’ve never sculpt before.
Today, my teacher from portrait class introduced me a monitor of a sculpting stiudio who let me borrowed some clay and play around. It’s touchable, feelable zbrush!

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Life Drawing Head Studies #03

Went a little playful with color tonight using some soft pastel (~3 hours)

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Life Drawing Head Studies #02 & Sketches

Finished this 2-weeks (~6 hours) life portrait with brown-toned derwent drawing pencils:
(She was kind of sleepie…)

Some quick sketches of actress Rachel Weisz
This oil pastel goldfish must have been a sketch when I was in high school….
Yet, another feather sketch:

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Life Drawing Head Studies #01


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