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Life Drawing Head Studies #01


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Random 3d “sketches”


Quick geometry of Hershey kisses test from a kind of bad 3d scan file…


Goggly Eyes are always fun!

Error text.
Origami isn’t as easy to rig in 3d as I thought.

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Yet another model started

Base mesh modeled for a Scorpion. Hopefully I will get to finish this model unlike most unfinished model I’ve started –
Scorpion Base Mesh

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Renderman Displacement Test

I took the Penguin that I’ve done before and did a test render in Renderman with subsurface rendering and displacement.

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Skadi Norse Goddess Digital Sculpt

Just finished the digital sculpt of Skadi in time –


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Skadi Model Sheet

Another character sculpting in progress, for Gnomon website’s monthly digital sculpting contest: Norse Gods.
My choice is Skadi, Goddess of Winter, Hunting… etc. Here’s the model sheet

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Starbuck WIP 07.28.08

More updates on Starbuck. Tweaking here and there on the face again, plus redo the hair and textures:

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HMC #14 – Probe Droid

Took another Hardcore Modeling Challenge at CGTalk again. The topic is heavy metal, and I’ve picked the Probe Droid from the Star Wars. Here is the result after about 40 hours of modeling

Didn’t have time to finish UV and texture before the deadline, but I’ll definitely try to go back to finish the textures at a later time.

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Nike Samothrace Final Renders

Took about 12 hours in total for modeling and sculpting. About 5 hours for R&D and final rendering, finally get some nice looking renders:

More renders, turntable and work in progress here

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Nike Samothrace WIP

I’m taking the CGTalk Hardcore Modeling Challenge #13 – Treasure of Louve. I’ve picked Nike Samothrace as my entry since it is one of my all time favorite fine art sculpture. Here is a WIP image of it:
Nike Samothrace WIP 03.25.2008 #01

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The Brazen Head Pub

From researching to rendering, this piece costed me about 30 hours:
The Brazen Head Pub - Occlusion Pass  


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