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Archive for June, 2008

Life Drawings

A solid understanding of human anatomy is very very important to make good 3d characters, so I have been going to the open sessions at Palette and Chisel to practice some life drawings. Here are some of the drawings I did in both long sessions and quick sketches sessions:

And of course, I also use my own hands and my dogs to practice more at home:

More to come, hopefully more and more improvement every time. 🙂

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HMC #14 – Probe Droid

Took another Hardcore Modeling Challenge at CGTalk again. The topic is heavy metal, and I’ve picked the Probe Droid from the Star Wars. Here is the result after about 40 hours of modeling

Didn’t have time to finish UV and texture before the deadline, but I’ll definitely try to go back to finish the textures at a later time.

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